Belinda Howard Smith
This page is dedicated to the memory of
my older brother, Rick Howard one of
"the other" Howards. Ricky loved people,
especially babies and "old people" -
some of our most vulnerable. He also
had a special heart for those with special
Mental Health
National Alliance on Mental Illness
Mental Illness, the nation’s largest
grassroots organization for people
with mental illness and their
families. Founded in 1979, NAMI has
affiliates in every state and in more
the country.
Belinda's Recommended Books
"Good Grief" and "Experiencing Grief" this
booklet is small enough to enclose in an
envelope with a sympathy card.
"Too Soon to Say Goodbye" contains a story
about the loss of Belinda's  brother to suicide.
Girl Scout Troop 2156 in Washington found helpful resources on this site
while working on their Healthy Living Badges. They were kind enough to
pass information they learned back to me. This site is full of helpful
resources. THANK YOU TROOP 2156 - Washington!

Mental Health Awareness Through Wristbands