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Belinda's stories are in Chicken
Soup for the Soul
Released June 24, 2014 -
"Chicken Soup fo the Soul
Recovering from
Traumatic Brain Injury"
101 Stories of Hope, Healing,
and Hard Work for patients
and their loved ones
recovering from traumatic
brain injuries. Stories about
surviving and thriving,
inspiring and motivating.

"Chicken Soup for the Soul:
The Joy of Adoption"
reissue of Chicken Soup for the
Adopted Soul, this updated
collection has even more
heartwarming and
encouraging stories—your
favorites from the original,
plus new bonus stories—all
about the joy of adoption.

It will encourage and uplift
you with its touching,
personal stories about forever
families and meant-to-be kids,
with insight into what
adoption is all about and what
it’s really like to be adopted.
You’ll be inspired by this
special compilation that
celebrates the bonds between
parents and children..

One of the true stories,
Unique Bond of Family”
Belinda Howard Smith is a
true story of a grandmother’s
love and hope after her
teenage daughter gives her
newborn to a stranger
Telling Your Stories -

Belinda Howard Smith teaches    
numerous methods on how to
share your story with future
generations. Treasures are found
within the pages of diaries,
journals – and today’s form of
communication - email. From
the chaos of photos,
memorabilia, and overwhelming
options of where to begin.